Sisters as Writers: Ode to Chai

The big surprise today was how richly textured her writing landscape, indeed, was. I am referring to this person marvel of a human being I have met some 39 years ago and still she is a mystery puzzle to me…but in a good way. Of course, I am talking about my sister. Last night she invited me to read her blog.

Whoa. Is she really writing one good incredible thing after another and remaining true and consistent with the depth and breadth of her literary voice and she can exploit the maximum impact of every word. Every word carries its own weight gravitas.

I am envious of inspired by her placement of words that frame her photographs.  They are beautiful photographs. Like her words she chose her pictures that make the words even fly. A thousand words a picture makes, for sure.

Chai can write about any topic and she will expose, defend, elucidate, and/or pursue it with unequivocal passion and commitment. She writes about coffee and world rivers and Dr. Seuss and places of serenity.. all having equal weight. What joy to read her thoughts. What pleasure to meet her, as if for the first time, through her words and pictures.

Chai, thank you for sharing your blog with the world, and with me.