Rocca and Nutella


This is little Rocca, who like her sister, Nutella, is now ten weeks old. They had their first visit with our veterinarian, Dr. Waples, DVM, today.

Getting two baby guinea pigs was not my idea. My daughter threatened to walk out of the house towards Petsmart (just a couple of miles) in 90+ degree weather (not so brilliant of an idea), unless she can get guinea pigs.

Since Thor died–at least this is how I saw it–Renee has been looking for a new pet. A pet she can talk to (do teenagers never choose their parents first?).

“We’re not looking for a replacement for Thor”, I told her. Nope. It’s too soon.

One weekend in April, hubby and I went to San Diego, used yelp to locate some local pet shops and chose  the Animal House on University Avenue. The guys who owned/managed the shop said their breeding pair just had brand-new babies the day before. Ah, Fate!.

(Newborn cavies-as guinea pigs are also known-are precocious. Meaning, they are born fully-furred, eyes open, and can basically walk around and eat what their mom is eating. But it’s still adviseable to wait until they are weaned off from their mom at 4-5 weeks of age).

Lance, the one who has never been known to gush over anything, said, “The babies are cute”. Translation: let’s get a couple of baby guinea piggies.

The driving distance between San Diego and Yuma is about two and a half to three hours’ worth. And we had to come back in at least four more weeks, once or twice, if Renee and Alex wanted to check on them.

When we reached Alpine, I told Lance, “you know, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea, whatcha think?”  When we reached the Acorn Casino, Lance called the “Animal House guys”, paid them in full for two girl piglets, and vowed to return and pick them up when they were ready.

On June 4th, Rocca and Nutella came home. They didn’t drink nor eat for eight hours. But by 1 o’clock in the morning, I said to my daughter, “That’s it. We’re gonna have to hand-feed them”. And we did, pellet after single pellet.

It took all of thirty minutes for the girls to be fed about six pellets. Yipee.

I’ve become familiar with, and look forward to their wheekings (piggies are highly vocal beings, and this particular sound is reserved for their humans when they beg for food or attention or both).

When you love someone, you can’t avoid spoling them a bit. Rocca and Nutnut will eat their veggies only if we hand-feed them as they lay across our chest. A little sacrifice, in exchange for the big pay-off of seeing them grow each day.

On a few occasions, I even get a piggie kiss or two.

That is Nutella, or Nut, or NutNut, enjoying face time with Dr. Waples, DVM. We found out today that Nut is having babies! Dr. Waples heard at least two heartbeats.