resurrecting from a very quiet summer


It’s been almost eight months since my last post Has it really been that long???? Man, I feel so guilty about neglecting my own place…much like the guilt I’ve been having about neglecting some areas in my life. But I will not discuss them here. I am so done with resolutions, as I simply lose my motivation after a month or so. So I will not promise anything for a change.
But I will say this. For 2009, I will *try* to be more present in the moment. I will not worry too much about what has been said or done. I will not lie awake in bed at an ung*dly hour dwelling in unimaginable fear of losing. Losing someone, something, anything that does not even exist.
On to other things…
I took some time off with my children during their holiday break from school. And I can proudly say I’ve reconnected with my creative soul (so happy about that!). I wrote some entries for my Gratitude Book (an idea I borrowed from I even bought my cardstock–in black and in sprout green–from JoAnns today (5 for a buck wasn’t bad). I have been scrapbooking our Thanksgiving and Christmas photos (although mind you, I am actually years behind on scrapping my photos, but I’m not a chronological kind of scrapbooker anyway). So, I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished creatively, so far. I even told my dear hunny that I am going through my paper stash like a mad woman. Instead of…well..simply looking at and fondling them every now and then. I have decided I would only shop my stash so I can reduce it to less criminally insane levels

2 thoughts on “resurrecting from a very quiet summer

  1. >I’m glad to hear you were able to take some time off with the kids. I got a few days off as well. Better than nothing. Never lasts long enough though. 😦 I’m glad to see you posting!! Hopefully we get to see some LO’s soon!

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