>”The exceptional has only been achieved by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstance”.

Now, how’s that for an affirming statement? I wanted to share it here…with you, who is reading this now, in case you have any lingering doubts that you can be a great person, and dreams can be as far as your arms can reach.

I could not remember where I found that quote from, but all I know I’ve kept it on my computer files for at least two years. I needed to get rid of some emotional and spiritual clutter. So what do I do? I started with decluttering my computer space (figured that was easier to manage than having to deal with that ogre of a clutter in my studio!). Then I came across that quote, which was merely collecting the proverbial dust in my disk space.

Thank goodness I did. I Needed to read that quote again especially today. Circumstances of birth and of childhood, of early disappointments, missed opportunities, miscalculated decisions–whatever they did, they did to inform me.

My fondest dream is to write. I want to be honest and true at my writing. Whatever my circumstances were, I will not let these circumstances convince me that I simply cannot write that great novel or that one perfect poem.

I begin my journey here.


finally i begin

>Wow. Blogging is my new favorite. I have seen and admired several blogger sites and initially wondered, who would want for the world to peek into their own private worlds? But I think I get it now. I think that we all want to connect with one another. For me, I want to write. This is the overriding need of mine. I want to create something so I know that I mean something, and that I can leave even just a speck of a mark into this virtual universe of ours. In many ways, that feeling is a liberating one. On some levels, it is a responsible undertaking. But my mission is small–just to have my own little corner, to ponder thoughts, look into varied points of reality, make art.

I love that last part very much.